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This is my opinion on the books I read. Remember, don't take it personally and don't get all shitty with me over it.  I don't bash the author personally unless the author has bashed the shit out of me and yes one has. So I will bash Madeline Sheehan forever. Otherwise if a book sucks it doesn't mean the person sucks, I've had books I loved and hated by the same author before, it happens. Not everything will please everyone. This is only my opinon and how these particular books made me feel.

My account was removed from GR so at the moment I'm severely lacking in reviews and books but rest assured for the 2013 year I've read over 300 books. 


Control - Charlotte Stein

Control - Charlotte Stein

This is the actual cover of the re-release of the book.


4 Freaky Stars
ARC provided by NetGalley 
Re-release on January 7th, 2014

   This book is well written and does have a pretty kinky side. I wouldn't review these books if  I didn't enjoy it. The book also does seem more realistic in the kink than the others I've read. When a kinky situation is going to happen between multiple people in other books it just goes way too smoothly and everybody has a kinky ole' grand time. In this one it was kind of awkward and as you sit there feeling crunchy along with the characters, you know this is more like what would really happen in real life. It's weird, and feels off until everybody agrees on the kink. Don't ask me how I know.
   The book starts out with Madison getting head from a hot guy with tats that she's interviewing for the job. Andy is a dream man for a lot of women and he's having his interview with Madison when the book opens. You learn later in the book that Andy is aggressive and when he wants it from you, he'll get it and you would be hard pressed to deny him.
   Before Madison can put a stop to the sexy interview she's laid out on the kitchen counter getting banged into oblivion by Andy when she looks up and sees a man watching them have sex. He runs off when he gets caught watching. Madison later finds out that he's the other interviewee for the job and calls him back for an interview. Madi decided against hiring Andy because she knows she'll never get any work done and all she'd end up doing is having tons of sex instead of getting any work done. Gabriel gets the job.
   Gabriel is a bit geeky and shy. He's tall and a bit awkward. He accomodates Madison's requests to help clean up her kinky book store and organize the orders that come in and so on. Madison soon realizes she's a bit turned on by Gabriel's watching her have sex and starts to have kinky thoughts about Gabriel. She catches him reading kinky books and attempting to hide the bulge in the front of his pants and wants to humilate him and seduce him. She wants to learn more about the enigma that is Gabriel. He keeps everything about himself hidden. She wants to learn more.
   Madison is soon doing some kinky things with Gabriel and working her way up to a kinky threesome with both Andy and Gabriel. I'm going to stop there and not give anything else away. You want the kink, you go read. All I'm going to say is, there is an HEA. It may not be the one I wanted because I'd have been so completely happen to have Madison end up with both guys. Ok ok, bit of a spoiler. But it's still a happy ending nonetheless and things work out as they should. This does explore a different side of kink than most other books choose. All kink is good kink. Enjoy!