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This is my opinion on the books I read. Remember, don't take it personally and don't get all shitty with me over it.  I don't bash the author personally unless the author has bashed the shit out of me and yes one has. So I will bash Madeline Sheehan forever. Otherwise if a book sucks it doesn't mean the person sucks, I've had books I loved and hated by the same author before, it happens. Not everything will please everyone. This is only my opinon and how these particular books made me feel.

My account was removed from GR so at the moment I'm severely lacking in reviews and books but rest assured for the 2013 year I've read over 300 books. 


Guilty Pleasures (Food & Fornication 1) - Manuela Cardiga

Guilty Pleasures - Manuela Cardiga

4 Food Porny Stars
ARC provided by NetGalley. 


This book was not what I was expecting at all. It's exactly what the
blurb described but I think I expected something else. It gave off
different vibes. I think I was expecting something more shallow and
not with the roles reversed.

The book is a dual POV and the main characters Millie and
Lance/Will are two people on completely different paths, brought
together by Millie's evil bitchtastic Mother. Millie's Mom comes to
Will to make him an offer to which she knows he'll have a hard time
refusing. She'll pay him 3 million dollars to impregnate her fat, plain
looking daughter who will be 40 in the next 4 and will lose her
Lance is a kind of sex therapist, he helps women and their
partners have better sex and learn to communicate better with
each other using sex. He's going into debt because of his
spending habits and needs an infusion of money. He's hoping he
gets a book deal but that's still months in the making and he needs
money immediately or else his Mother will be removed from the
expensive home he has her in. Things aren't looking so good until
Mrs. Deafly, the raging bitch, comes into make him the offer.
Lance is a good hearted person and doesn't want to take the
offer and ruin someone's life by playing tricks on them. He accepts
the offer hoping to draw it out and then backing out in a few months
later with the idea of claiming he was unsuccessful with the plan.
He's offered 10 grand a month in operating expenses until the plan
is fulfilled.
Lance falls in love with the business that Millie runs, which is
based on exquisite foods, and he also falls in love with Millie. Millie
isn't a skinny girl with a beautiful face. She's a plain girl who is
pleasantly plump and who enjoys food and all its comforts. She's
not afraid to eat. Working at Guilty Pleasures has changed his life
in ways he never thought. The only thing is, he lied to Millie about
who he really is and what kind of life he's had. Millie opens her
heart and her body up to Will, Lance's new persona. Lance is
terrified of coming clean to Millie, afraid that he'll lose her forever.
Will goes on playing the charade with Millie hoping to just take on
the new persona and never have to be Lance again, all for Millie.
Things don't work like that, as his old life as Lance keeps coming
back to bite him in the ass and he has a couple of exceedingly
close calls and almost gets caught several times in his lie, in front
of Millie. Luckily things pan out until.......Millie discovers something
that will tie to her Will indefinitely.
Millie was the strong female with a good head on her shoulders,
always with her eye on the prize and I adored her in the first part of
the book for that. It was around the second half that she got on my
last nerve. She never once told Will that she loved him when he
was making these grand declarations for her and even proposed
marriage. She wouldn't give him an answer, hoping to prolong it
and never marry him. She pissed me off to no end.
The ending came along rather quickly, it was too simple and I
hated the ending. It was just a typical, oh she takes him back and
they live happily ever after. I was screaming "That's it!!!!" Yes I
needed multiple exclamation points. Eat me. This book deserves a
much better ending. It was too easy the way things wrapped up. In
real life that would never have worked. I need some semblance
also, of whether or not they got over their troubles and did they
survive. Was it a happy ever after? Just a small taste of their future
together. Something!
Anyway, I loved the writing, I just didn't need a million descriptions
for food. Don't read this book on an empty stomach because then
it leads to Food Network and that leads to eating whatever crap
you can find in your house that's NOTHING like what you're reading
or watching on Food Porn Network.Enjoy!


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Here's Alex Uloom and Nikkie Blonsky as Will and Millie.