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This is my opinion on the books I read. Remember, don't take it personally and don't get all shitty with me over it.  I don't bash the author personally unless the author has bashed the shit out of me and yes one has. So I will bash Madeline Sheehan forever. Otherwise if a book sucks it doesn't mean the person sucks, I've had books I loved and hated by the same author before, it happens. Not everything will please everyone. This is only my opinon and how these particular books made me feel.

My account was removed from GR so at the moment I'm severely lacking in reviews and books but rest assured for the 2013 year I've read over 300 books. 

Reckless (Thoughtless 3) - S.C. Stephens

Reckless  - S.C. Stephens

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5 Omg why is it ending Stars
    Loved Loved Loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Omg, I so completely loved how this series ended. There was plenty of drama to get you right in the heart. I have to just say it was nothing done by the couple. They've learned so much and grown as adults and into themselves. The drama and strife was not on their end but came at them and threatened to end their amazing relationship.
    I loved the HEA of course. I'm a sucker for them. I got my HEA and then some more exaggerated happily ever after love. I adored how it ended and how Kellan was at the end of the book.
    Ugh I can't give too much away because not everyone has even read the series. I took my time reading the book because I wanted to absorb everything I read. I wanted everything to stay in my brain while I obsessed over what might happen next in the book. I also told my bf the whole damn story while I was reading it. He's my unwilling discussion buddy for books at times. He'll be alright, don't worry about it. He did find it funny when I'd get pissed about Sienna's ole skank ass. Ugh!
    Ok, I'm not giving anything away if you haven't read it and if you have read it then you already know of it's amazing awesomeness. I love how romantic Kellan is and I love the scene. Ok I gave something away, bite me.
    If you haven't read this series then go freakin read it damn it!