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This is my opinion on the books I read. Remember, don't take it personally and don't get all shitty with me over it.  I don't bash the author personally unless the author has bashed the shit out of me and yes one has. So I will bash Madeline Sheehan forever. Otherwise if a book sucks it doesn't mean the person sucks, I've had books I loved and hated by the same author before, it happens. Not everything will please everyone. This is only my opinon and how these particular books made me feel.

My account was removed from GR so at the moment I'm severely lacking in reviews and books but rest assured for the 2013 year I've read over 300 books. 

The Prelude (Musical Interlude 1) - Kasonndra Leigh

The Prelude (A Musical Interlude Novel) - KaSonndra Leigh

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5 Amazing HEA Crying Stars 
   The author provided an ARC of this book for an honest review. And, well, she's gonna get one.
   OMG! I love this freakin book! I went in not knowing what to expect and this book is fan-freaking-tastic. I had some strong emotions surrounding this story. Yes, some of the characters seemed like afterthoughts that you didn't get to know really well, that's ok because this is a series and the way it's written seems like they'll get their loves stories too along the way.
   The book had me pissed off and angry and ready to kick something and had me all happy and shit, then there were the sad parts sprinkled throughout. Yes, for a love story this book had a lot of sad parts but it added something to the story to tell about their pasts and at the end I cried like a fucking baby!
   Omg, something big happened, shit, I can't give it away and I can't figure a way around it. I don't like to give spoilers away so damn it! How to do this? Damn it, I'll try to be as vague as possible. Something big and bad happened and I got all crying and emotional. I couldn't freakin see my kindle. It was one of those sad gaspy cries when something really shitty happens. Yeah those and the story wasn't done yet and FINALLY! I get my HEA and damn if this doesn't elude to the author's talent as a writer, I freakin cried at the happy ending because it was done so beautifully and awesomely and amazingly.
   I never cry at happy endings, I don't even cry at weddings so ....yeah damn. I'm almost disgusted with myself now because I must not have ever witnessed true love at those weddings. Damn I feel deprived now. Maybe I'll find a romantical one on Youtube later. Send me some links if anybody has any of something amazingly romantic please. Thanks.
   Ok it's 7 in the morning, I've been up all night reading. I don't want to give anything away about this awesome book. All I can do is hype you up and hope you read it so we can fangirl it later on together. It's like a mother watching their child's first steps when you see someone reading the book after you've read it and having the same reactions and loving it also. Love when that happens. Enjoy!