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This is my opinion on the books I read. Remember, don't take it personally and don't get all shitty with me over it.  I don't bash the author personally unless the author has bashed the shit out of me and yes one has. So I will bash Madeline Sheehan forever. Otherwise if a book sucks it doesn't mean the person sucks, I've had books I loved and hated by the same author before, it happens. Not everything will please everyone. This is only my opinon and how these particular books made me feel.

My account was removed from GR so at the moment I'm severely lacking in reviews and books but rest assured for the 2013 year I've read over 300 books. 

Dazzled By Silver - Lacey Silks

Dazzled by Silver - Lacey Silks

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3 Stars, possible 3.5 Stars
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  Can a book have too much sex? Nope it can't. Not possible. Especially when there's so many things to do and say and ways to entice. Yeah, who gets tired of sex? Not me, that's for sure.
  Yeah, there's more sex than storyline in this book, which is fine with me, but us females need that intimate connection to enjoy the lady porn. Samantha is stilly something of a mystery to me because I don't know much about her. I only know that she's got a shitty ex who used her like a sperm donation center. Yeah I know there's a more vulgar name for it having dumpster in the name but I'm not going there. The ex treated her like crap and never gave her orgasms and never aroused her passion. He was a complete and total douche. Great. But that's not enough for me to get to know her. I only know that she was so deprived shes now wanton. Ok, still no clue about her.
    Gabe seemed sort of creepy stalkerish at first, but he was ready to be everything Sam wanted sexually which was fine by her obviously. You find out later on why he was so stalkerish and it's with good reason. Oh, because some drug dealers are out to kill her on behalf of her stupid idiot dumb-fuck druggie friend Kendra. Yup, they wanted to kill Sam because of Kendra. They thought Sam had money. Pfft they thought wrong. Bitch is broke.
    Kendra, let's not go there. I didn't like her one bit. She is a terrible person all around, a shitty friend, an even worse ex-girlfriend for Tristan. She's just better locked in an insane asylum with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Yes, throw away the damn key into the "Door to Hell" in Turkmenistan. Save the world from Armageddon by appeasing the demons in hell. Yeah Kendra can make you dark sided. Kendra is like the crack whore with connections, once you associate with her, she'll get you killed and then feel like shit about it afterwards. The gall right?
    Anyway, even after I finished the story I was still baffled and confused. The writing isn't terrible but I just need the connection. I felt like an outsider the whole time. I know to most people they don't mind and would absolutely love this book anyway but I'm one of the strange fruit. I notice that a lot of people will love books that I tend to think are ok because of a missing connection. I want to be part of the book and I felt like a fifth wheel. There is something of a cliffie at the end but it's one of those that you wish you could take back because the story was fine by itself. With a few tweaks and Sam would never have to hear about Kendra again. Leave that bitch alone!